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  • 5,000.00

    Gleam skincare Nigeria FACE CREAM  is a unique blend of natural ingredients which works by revitalising facial skin! It targets and repairs early signs of…

  • 5,000.00

    Gleam Skincare Nigeria’s PINK LIP BALM is a magic balm that naturally improves the brightness of the lips, hydrates dull lips, makes lips soft and…

  • 4,000.00

    Gleam skincare Nigeria ACNE REMOVER cream  is a miracle cream that treats acne by targeting acne bacterial that causes pimples, prevents new ones from forming and…

  • 3,000.00

    Ladened with carrot oil and Kojic acid, this soap does an amazing job at glowing the skin visibly from the very first use! Tones the…

  • 30,000.00

    Gleam Skincare Nigeria Whitening cream is made from a perfect blend of natural whitening extracts!  It hydrates dull skin and glows the skin evenly! Whitens the…

  • 4,000.00

    Gleam skincare Nigeria SPOT REMOVER  helps get rid of dark spots and post acne scars on any part of the body. Visible results guaranteed! Usage: apply…

  • 4,000.00

    Gleam Skincare Nigeria KNUKLE fade off cream  clears out uneven skin tone on stubborn jointed areas such as the toes, knuckles,  knees, elbows, ankles. Highly…

  • 7,000.00

    Ever heard of a product too good to be true? Gleam skincare Nigeria stretch marks remover cream is! This treatment right here is simply the best!…

  • 10,000.00

    The goodness in this shower gel is just out of this world. This soap right here is KING. It’s definitely one of our BEST SELLERS!! “soapiness”…

  • Gleam Body Scrub 500ML Cream

    Gleam Skincare Nigeria’s sea salt scrub exfoliates the skin deeply by sloughing off dead skin cells, revealing a smoother skin with radiant glow. Very effective…

  • 4,000.00

    Usage: while in shower, apply on wet skin, scrub very gently concentrating on tough areas such as knee, elbows, feet , ankles and hands. Rinse…

  • 40,000.00

    Gleam Skincare Nigeria’s EGYPTIAN MILK (300ML) #40,000

What Our Customers Are Saying?

Ever since I start using Gleam Skincare Nigeria products I have remain flawless and an object of envy among my friends..
Omokemi Mariam
Gleam Skincare Nigeria is your number one store for a flawless skin. I am a living testimony and evangelist of Gleam skin miracles.
Victory Koma
Each time I'm facing the camera and the director smiles at me I know that I am good to go because of Gleam Skincare Nigeria flawless products that make me glow...
Elizabeth North

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