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My name is Oluchukwu, I am the founder Gleam Skincare Nigeria. Gleam skincare Nigeria came to birth out of my love of organic and natural skincare, Love of nature and passion about flawless skin.

Everyone at some point, needs help with their skin. Seeing people everyday, from different walks of life, with some skin concerns which I know I could help urged me to do this, because everyone deserves flawless skin and here I am bringing it to you all.

Gleam skincare Nigeria is a fast growing skincare brand with top notch organic skincare products which leaves the skin super flawless. We aim at redefining and empowering individuals to achieve that flawless skin of their dreams the natural way.

We prioritize in quality, safety and efficiency of our products. Got any skincare issues? just want to glow? Grab our products and see your skin get better daily