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Q: How natural are gleam skincare Nigeria products?

A: Our products are organic based. We prioritize In safety, quality & effectiveness of our products.

Q: Is Gleam Skincare Nigeria for only/ all about light skin?

A: NO! Gleam skincare Nigeria is for everyone. Dark skin, light skin, men, women and children of all race.

Q: I am dark skinned. I do not want to lighten up, just wish to glow. Can I achieve that?

A: Yes you can achieve that. We stock amazing products for dark, chocolate & caramel skin tone which basically glows the skin, deeply moisturizes and delivers 24 hours hydration to your skin. This can be achieved with our body butter package, pure bliss for your skin!

Q: I used to be light skinned but dimmed due to sun exposure & pregnancy, what is the best package for me?

A: Flawless lightening package is best for you. It includes the body cream, face cream, shower gel & scrub. This package mildly lightens your skin, brings back your natural fairness and gives you an outstanding glow.

Q: I wish to achieve a whiter skin tone without any blemish, is this possible?

A: Yes this is possible. Gleam skincare Nigeria whitening package is best for this. Comes with a body cream, face cream, scrub and shower gel which Evenly Lightens the skin by 3 shades. Leaves your skin hydrated and glowing all day long.

Q: I wish to achieve the halfcaste biracial skintone. Is that possible with Gleam Skincare Nigeria organic products?

A: Yes it is possible. Our Egyptian milk package is best for this. It neatly whitens the skin 4 shades lighter. Delivers a spotless and even glowing complexion from head to toe. Works perfectly on hyper-pigmented parts, heals and renews the skin. This package comes with a body cream, face cream, shower gel, scrub and talking oil.

Q: I am too lazy to scrub/ exfoliate my skin. Am I still good to go?

A: NO you are not! Sorry to say but that just means you are lazy to achieve flawless skin. Exfoliating is a very important skincare regime. Remember, flawless skin requires commitment and not a miracle.

Q: When using Gleam Skincare Nigeria products, how soon do I expect to see improvement on my skin?

A: You can start to notice improvement on your skin within 2 weeks or less.

Q: Are results permanent? Or do I have to continue using Gleam Skincare Nigeria?

A: Yes results are permanent. We strongly advise you message us to get easy tips on maintaining your results without our products. However, we highly recommend Gleam Skincare Nigeria products for long term use.

Q: I am not a Nigerian, how can I make payment for my products?

A: You can either pay via your card online through our website, or pay via western union, money gram, RIA money transfer or via our dollar domiciliary account or directly to our bank account. Kindly contact us for payment names/numbers for any option you choose.

Q: How do I get my products/ how long does it take after payment?

A: Delivery is done by DHL. Once payment is confirmed, your order will be shipped out immediately.
Nigeria: 24-72 working hours
USA : 2-4 working days
UK: 2-3 working days.
Europe: 3-4 working days
Others: 3-5 working days

Q: Apart from creams, soaps, scrubs and oils, do you stock any other thing?

A: Yes. We stock skin treatments as well. We have for you, very effective products for dark knuckles/elbows/knees/ankle/feet, acne remover cream, spots remover cream, stretch marks remover treatment, face masks, glutathione skin supplements, pink lip balm, etc etc. We are your one stop beauty shop!

Q: What product is the most recently introduced to Gleam skincare Nigeria line?

A: Gleam Skincare Nigeria BLACK SOAP! Made from pure African black soap & organic extracts, we can boldly tell you this is the best black soap you will ever use.

Q: What are your best sellers?

A: Very difficult to answer. Our flawless lightening package got to be it! Our knuckle fade off, acne treatment, scrub, face cream, shower gel and Egyptian package all makes the list as well. But In Gleam Skincare Nigeria, ALL products are bestsellers.