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Body Scrub (500ml)


Gleam Skincare Nigeria’s sea salt scrub exfoliates the skin deeply by sloughing off dead skin cells, revealing a smoother skin with radiant glow. Very effective in removing dark patches from the skin.

This is a MUST HAVE for everyone!  Most times, we complain products don’t work on our skin and what worked for someone else didn’t work for you! Reason is because your skin isn’t properly exfoliated. Now, our skin naturally shades these dead skin cells off on It’s own, but what exfoliation does to the skin is it helps your skin safely hasten the sheding process thus giving your products (creams and soaps) better penetration, resulting in faster and quicker results from your skin  care products! Imagine using your skin care products on dead skin cells?  Yea you guessed right, you won’t get results! Many people don’t know this.  Grab our amazing scrub for you and yours!


Usage: while in shower, apply on wet skin, scrub very gently concentrating on tough areas such as knee, elbows, feet , ankles and hands. Rinse off with water afterwards and enjoy instant smooth skin. Use 2 times a week and once weekly on your face

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