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Pink Lip Balm


Gleam Skincare Nigeria’s PINK LIP BALM is a magic balm that naturally improves the brightness of the lips, hydrates dull lips, makes lips soft and pink!

Go from dull dried and black wrinkled lips to soft pink and well moisturised BREATHTAKING lips.  The lip is one of the most gentle parts of your body. If u want soft, pink and luscious lips, then work on giving your lips special care and privilege of our lip balm.

This lip balm helps make the lips softer and  keeps it hydrated. With its sunscreen property, helps protect against sun damages. The ingredients in our lip balm helps protect the lips by capturing natural moisture, and thus makes your lips smooth, soft, pink and nourished! Hence you can say that this lip balm is your gateway to your best ever kisses.

Usage: Apply the pink lip balm once a day before bed. Go to bed with it. The next morning, while brushing your teeth, be sure to gently use your toothpaste free toothbrush to brush your lips to exfoliate it.



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